The Goals of Stable Seniors are to:

  • Improve balance to maintain an independent freely functioning lifestyle

  • Stay vital through good muscular strength, enabling seniors to lift grandchildren

  • Achieve the flexibility to bend over and tie shoes or reach items on shelves

  • Reduce the risk of falling through better balance and posture with balance therapy exercises

  • Learn what to do if you fall and can or cannot get up.

Stable Seniors is not just about exercising during class, Seniors are taught each exercise and what the exercise does to improve their balance over time.DSCF3502

Not just working their muscles, but exercising their ability to use both sides of their brain and different bodily systems which will also help improve their balance.

Uses balance pads, rubber bands, rings and tennis balls in conjunction with different stretches to help the balance and physical wellness.

All exercises are designed for participants to do outside of the classroom so Seniors can practice what they learn outside of class.

Classes are held in Henderson and are approximately one hour long. If you would like to view the schedule or sign up, click here


What is Stable Seniors?